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Fire safety signs are imperative to ensure occupants are aware of escape routes and evacuate a building safely. Failure to provide the correct signage will mean that you do not comply with health and safety regulations. As a result, you will be at risk of being prosecuted for negligence. At Maxserve Global Consulting Limited, we supply and install fire safety signage across Nigeria and West Africa. Order signage or arrange a site survey, contact us on 09029827734.

Fire safety signals.

Fire Safety Signage for Fire Extinguishers and Equipment

It is a legal requirement that firefighting equipment is clearly labelled and signposted. Correct signage for firefighting equipment will ensure occupants know where to find the equipment when needed. In addition, the signage will notify people what type of extinguisher can be used on different types of fire in the event of an emergency. Inadequate signage or the failure to provide signage will mean that your business does not comply with fire safety legislation. Moreover, you are putting lives in danger.

Using the incorrect fire extinguisher can make a fire worse. This can result in potential injury to the operative and cause the fire to spread. Don’t take the risk. If you need new fire safety signage, call us today.

Site Surveys

When we visit a property to perform a site survey, our engineers will also check that you have the correct signage in place. We include site surveys as part of many of our services, including emergency lighting, fire alarm, and fire extinguisher installations. If you are worried about your current signage and would like an engineer to perform a survey to check your emergency signage, please call us today.